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 Modern Map Art

Modern Map Art

Over the last few months, I've been reminiscing about my trip abroad. I have many wonderful memories of our time in South America. My favorite way to remember is to look back at my mementos I collected throughout the trip. I have a lapis lazuli ring from Santiago, an alpaca sweater from Cusco, and slippers from Buenos Aires. Whenever I wear those pieces I am transported to a moment in time. I also collected some wonderful art pieces during my trip, including my vintage travel posters from Torres del Paine, a piece from a local street artist in Valparaiso and a gorgeous map of Buenos Aires.

I'm so fascinating looking at a map of a city like Buenos Aires because the city feels so big while you are there. It's crazy that a map is able to capture the magnitude of Buenos Aires small enough to fit in my apartment! It is seriously mind-blowing and I'm so grateful to be able to look at it and remember one of my best adventures in life.

If you are interested in your own beautiful map of Buenos Aires, check out my friends at Modern Map Art


What are some of your favorite mementos from your travels? 

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