His, Hers & the Dog's Packing List

Our lives packed into a suitcase and backpack each!

Packing up the last 6 years of our lives was difficult but not as tough as packing our new lives into a suitcase and backpack each! Our biggest struggle was making sure that our suitcases weighed only 50 lbs. I’ve read several travel blogs that shared their minimalist approach to packing and I’ll be straight with you, that is not our case. Since we are “slow traveling”, meaning we are spending several weeks or months in one location, I didn’t feel it was necessary to pack ultra-light. Don’t get me wrong, we have downsized considerably compared to our apartment that was packed full of clothes (mostly mine) and storage filled to the brim with our “stuff”. For our trip, I found it beneficial to bring everyday items like a blow-dryer for myself and packets of Sriracha for my hubby. Here is what we decided to take with us on our adventure:

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All of my shoes and clothes. These packing cubes are great space savers!


Her skirt, pants and shorts

Her dresses and jumpsuit

Her shirts

Her cardigan, jackets and sweatshirts

5 Dresses (1 maxi, 2 swing, 2 midi)

1 Jumpsuit

2 Pairs of jeans

5 Pairs of pants (1 sweats, 1 jeggings, 1 leggings, 1 joggers, 1 athletic)

1 Skirt (maxi)

2 Shorts (1 denim, 1 crochet)

2 T-shirts (1 black, 1 gray)

3 Silk blouses

5 Tank tops

6 Long sleeves (1 chambray, 1 athletic, 1 dressy, 3 basic)

1 Cardigan sweater (wool)

2 Sweatshirt (1 fleece, 1 pullover)

3 Jackets (1 leather, 1 rain, 1 light army green)

1 Puffy vest (I almost didn’t bring this but I’m so glad I did!)

12 Pairs of underwear

12 Pairs of socks

3 Bras (1 black, 1 tan, 1 white)

1 Sports bra

4 Bralettes (1 tan, 1 black, 1 army green, 1 burgundy)

3.5 Bathing suits (2 full bikinis, 1 pair of black bottoms, 1 one piece)


Her shoes

1 Pair of black leather booties

1 Pair of sneakers

1 Pair saltwater sandals

1 Pair of waterproof hiking boots

1 Pair of flip flops

1 Pair of flats


Her bathing suits and accessories

2 Scarves

1 Hat

1 Beanie

1 Bandanna

1 Small box of jewelry (I'm so sad to leave my stunning engagement ring with my parents)

2 Pairs of sunglasses


Her toiletries

1 Babyliss ceramic curling iron (1”, dual voltage)

1 Conair blow dryer (dual voltage)

3oz Bottle of Pureology shampoo

3oz Bottle of Pureology conditioner

3oz Bottle of Bath & Body Works body wash

3oz Bottle of Bath & Body Works lotion

3oz Bottle of hand sanitizer

1 Bottle of L'Oréal makeup remover & 1 pack of L'Oréal makeup remover wipes

1 Bottle sunscreen spray & lotion (both SPF 50)

1 Bottle of sunburn aloe spray (in case my pasty skin gets burned)

1 Bottle of EOS shaving lotion

1 Venus Swirl razor & 5 extra blades

2 Bottles of Dove spray deodorant (I swear this is the only stuff that works for me!)

1 Bottle of 100% Pure face wash

1 Bottle of Image tinted SPF moisturizer

1 Bottle of It’s a 10 miracle leave in conditioner

3oz Argan oil (I put it in an old Moroccan oil bottle, but I’ve switched to a pure Argan Oil free of dyes)

3oz Bottle of TRESemmé dry shampoo (I thought I bought a travel hairspray too, but it was actually mousse. I'll have to pick up some down here.)

1 Tube of toothpaste

1 Toothbrush

10 Tampons (I've heard they are hard to find down here)

1 Bottle of Sawyers insect repellent lotion & 1 bottle of Sawyers permethrin insect repellent clothing spray

2 Brushes, 1 comb

1 Tin of Bag Balm (great for dry hands, feet & lips)

Makeup (I use mostly BareMinerals for face and eyes)

5 Bottles of Essie nail polish (except I use Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat because it’s the best!)

3oz Bottle of nail polish remover


His bags


His shirts

His pants and shorts

His sweatshirt and jackets

18 T-Shirts

7 Long sleeves

5 Collared shirts

2 Tank tops

3 Pairs of basketball shorts

2 Pairs of shorts

3 Pairs of jeans

1 Pair of khakis

1 Pair of athletic pants

1 Pair of dress pants

1 Dress jacket

1 Rain jacket

1 Sweatshirt

11 Boxers

10 Socks


His shoes and accessories

1 Pair of boots

1 Pair of sneakers

1 Pair of flip flops


2 Leather belts

2 Ties

1 Bandanna


His toiletries

1 Bottle of face wash

1 Bottle of body wash

1 Toothbrush

1 Tube of deodorant

1 Hair clippers with attachments (I cut Drew’s hair for him)

The Dog "Posey"

Posey's belongings

Posey loves hanging out in her pack

4 Collapsible bowls (1/4 cup to 1 cup size)

1 Collapsible water bottle

1 Sherpa dog carrier

1 Twisted bully stick (her favorite!)

1 Toy

1 Bag of Trader Joe’s Organic Chicken and Brown Rice Sticks

2 Leashes & 2 harnesses (it's a good idea to bring an extra)

1 Quart size bag filled with dog food (we'll get more food in Argentina) 

1 Year supply of flea medicine

1 Year supply of heart-worm medicine

1 Bottle of Zymox ear cleaning solution

1 Pack of Nature’s Miracle bath wipes

10 Potty pads (these came in handy during our long layovers, there wasn’t a spot for Posey to go potty in the airports)

3 Packs of doggy poop bag

1 Stress relief collar (for the flights)

1 Bottle of Comfort Zone stress relief spray (to spray in her Sherpa for flights)

3 oz Earthbath Green Tea Leaf dog shampoo

3 oz Nature’s Miracle hardwood floor cleaner (in case Posey has an accident on the beautiful original chevron hardwood floors in our new apartment)

1 Medium size dog carrier pack (for long hikes or to protect her against aggressive dogs or other sketchy situations)

1 Folder with Posey's export papers (we'll talk more on that later)



Our electronics

My new Canon G7X

1 Canon G7X Camera

2 32G memory cards

1 Camera charger & 1 extra battery

1 GoPro Hero

2 GoPro Attachments (GorillaPod flexible tripod & 3-Way Grip)

1 IPad (I debated about bringing this but the battery life is better than my phone which is great for traveling)

1 IPhone 5

2 Blu Life One X smartphones (we bought these for our international sim cards. So far the Blu phones have been great, especially for the price. The only thing I miss from switching from an IPhone is the original Emoji’s)  

1 TDK portable speaker (great for bringing the party anywhere and this speaker is super hardy)

1 Geekpro power converter (has 3 outlets & 4 USB ports)

2 Pairs of headphones

1 Headphone splitter (great for sharing audio between two people from one device)

2 External chargers (great for charging our phones on the go)

2 packs of batteries (AA & AAA)

2 Headlamps (came in handy when our power went out our first night)

1 Lenovo T450s Thinkpad

1 Logitech wireless mouse

1 FitBit Charge HR (to stay active and competitive with mis amigos) 


1 First aid kit

1 Bottle of Advil

1 Bottle of allergy pills

1 Bottle of Tums

1 Box of Dayquil/Nyquil

1 Bottle of Pepto-Bismol pills

1 Bottle of Melatonin

1 Bottle of women’s vitamins

1 Year supply of birth-control

The following were prescribed to us by our local travel clinic. Our nurse was so helpful and even prescribed me some “women related” medicines* in case of emergencies. In addition to the medicines we were prescribed, we also needed to get Typhoid Fever & Yellow Fever Immunizations. Drew needed to get his Hepatitis A vaccine and she recommended we both get Tetanus shots. We definitely recommend researching what immunizations & medicines you may need and reaching out to your local travel clinic before traveling abroad.

*Fluconazole (yeast infection medicine)

*Nitrofurantoin (bladder infection)

Atovaquone Proguanil (malaria pills)

Ciprofloxacin (travelers’ diarrhea pills)

Acetazolamide (altitude sickness pills)


1 Small accordion file (to keep our important documents safe including passports, immunization records & copies)

2 Notebooks (to journal in) & 2 small notebooks (great for asking locals to write directions or words you may not understand).

1 Coloring book (a fun gift I got from my best friend for my birthday!)

1 Box filled with pencils & pens

2 Books

2 Spanish phrase books

1 Planner (to keep life organized!)

1 Small box of safety pins

1 Eye mask

2 TSA locks

1 Money belt

1 Double size mosquito net

10 Packing cubes

6 Gallon and 6 quart size Ziploc bags (these always come in handy)

What are some of your favorite travel items? Do you disagree with anything we brought? 

Please share your comments below. We look forward to hearing your thoughts! 

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